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Our Story

We started farming as a hobby that matured in to a passion. We are working as team collaboratively from Meghalaya, Assam, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh and growing with your love and admiration. We are in the market to fulfil the need of people with our cognized pure and unadulterated harvest.

Our Values

We promote ecological balance with paying back what we have earned.
We believe in being social and share strong bonds with our team mates and our end users.
We promote new ideas to learn and grow.
We are more conscious for quality than quantity.
We believe that competition gives you more chances to grow.

Our Mission

In today's materialistic world no body has time to enjoy nature's healthy harvests..and we aim to pour your cups with our most exotic tea varieties full of Nature's own blessings.

Here at The Meadows, we are a team passionate about the growing possibilities of the nature’s excellence and what it can provide for our customers. We are a group of modern and progressive farmers working hard to produce premium harvest in Northern and Northeastern parts of India. The Meadows known for its salubrious and enticing tea and spices in households is also available online through this portal.
We work day and night from fields to POS to provide you the nonpareil experience of our products which are cultivated, harvested processed and packaged in hygienically safe environment. Our young and modern farmer friends are working in the fields of Meghalaya, Assam, Himachal Pradesh and UP to give you pure n healthy products without any alteration.
Your query, complaints and suggestions are welcome on info@themeadows.co.in
To purchase our genuine products please keep visiting themeadows.co.in

The Meadows, a unit of SARV Aromatics Group.


Contact Info

Please call at +91-9897714949, we will be glad to answer your queries, you may also text or WhatsApp your suggestion to the same no. We will try to implement your suggestions and appreciate your complaints.

Shop Locations

Our products are available online at www.themeadows.co.in or at amazon.in or at flipkart.com under the brand name " The Meadows"" Our one of it's kind products can also be purchased offline from 6th Prateek Enclave Taj Nagari Phase-1 Agra-282001

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+91-9897714949 +91-9897716173 +91-9897714774