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Experience the harmonious blend of nature’s finest Seabuckthorn Berry Fusion Tea. This exquisite infusion combines the vibrant tang of Seabuckthorn berries, the earthy depth of Nettle leaves, the floral allure of Hibiscus petals and the soothing touch of Tulsi and Seabuckthorn leaves. Sip, savor, and rejuvenate with every cup of health benefits.

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Hibiscus & Sea Buckthorn Berries Tea | The Meadows Tea Herbs | Stress Relief & Immunity Booster

Caffeine Free Pure and Healthy Tea Herbs from the house of The Meadows makes you calm and relaxed, used as immunity booster and stress relief tea for healthy sleep. Rich in iron, calcium, and potassium. Contains no added flavors.  Tea Herbs has natural immunity-boosting properties.

  • Hibiscus Flower Petals are rich in antioxidants and have a variety of health benefits . It is also high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C and helps to boost the immunity and is good for the shiny hair & glowing skin.
  • Nettle leaves good for PCOS/PCOD related issues
  • Sea Buckthorn Berries are natural source of Vitamin C and controls common cough and colds.

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